Certified Greywater Installers



What is Greywater?

Greywater refers to all used household water except water from toilets, which is called “blackwater.”  The average person in the United States uses 50 gallons of water every day for drinking, cooking, laundry washing, and bathing!  The water from this can be used in the garden, but normally gets diverted into the sewer.


Using Greywater in your garden

Greywater can be directed from the homes' bathroom sink, shower, tubs, and laundry systems into the garden.  Normally when greywater reaches the garden, it gets infiltrated and filtered in mulched basins.  

The best plants to build these basins around are water loving plants like fruit trees.




 Greywater offers many solutions such as:

  • Increased water security
  • Decrease on Potable Water Demands
  • Lower Water Bill
  • Localized Groundwater Recharge
  • Watershed health
  • Carbon Sequestration 
  • Soil Restoration
  • Increased Habitat
  • Decreased Pollutants to Watersheds
  • Robust Plant Health
  • Closed Loop Landscape
  • LEED Points


Types of Systems:


Laundry to Landscape:

*Does not need a Permit to Install

A landscape-direct system that diverts Greywater from your washing machine and routes it to mulch basins around trees or bushes. This “laundry-to-landscape” system captures Greywater from the drain hose of the washing machine and sends it out to your plants through 1-inch tubing, without the need to alter existing plumbing.  This system is the simplest, least expensive way to use Greywater from your home.  



Branched Drain System:

*Requires Permit to Install

This system directs Greywater from the bathroom sinks and showers into the garden via gravity.  This system only works if the garden is below the source of water.  Branched Drains require little to no maintenance.


Pumped Systems:


These systems are a little more complex, but are necessary if your garden is located on an upper slope.


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