At Terra Gardens, we approach the design process in a holistic way.

 We see our projects as living entities needing components working together to create harmonious spaces for our clients to enjoy.


Why Hire our Design Team?

  • Our Team of Designers are professionals that have been educated specifically for Landscape Design.

  • We are stewards of the earth, committed to sustainable design practices that regenerate our land, while simultaneously enhancing spaces where people want to spend time.

  •  You can feel proud knowing your garden is an example of innovative landscape design.

  • We have an extensive network of other Design Professionals to deliver design solutions specific to each site.

  • We are "Artists Working with Plants" that come from a wide range of backgrounds ensuring our designs are unique, and our gardens are spectacular

  • We Install and caretake our own gardens, so we know how our designs translate from the design process to the real world


                                  Interested In Working Together?